London Road on film

This week I have had the pleasure of seeing London Road twice. Yes, I am a Repeat Attender. If you have the chance to see this in the cinema, please do so. By buying a ticket at your local indie/niche movie house, you are sending a message for companies to support, workshop and celebrate projects that are deemed "risky", in terms of audience sales. So, London Road is a musical/film/documentary about serial killings in Ipswich in the UK, from the perspective of the residents of the area where the killer lived, who speak the exact words of the actual neighbours interviewed, in the same tone/key of the original recordings, sung? Wrap your head around that! Better still, just go and see for yourself how brilliantly this works. The subject matter is handled with such sensitivity, it could have gone terribly wrong. Good luck trying to only see this once.

#film #documentary #westend #repeatattenders

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